Digital print

HP Indigo ws4500 digital machine with media width of 330 mm possessed by our company is intended to print in short and medium adhesive label batches, IML labels, heat-shrink labels, multi-layer laminates and films.


In comparison with conventional flexographic and offset print, Indigo technology enabes savings of time and printed materials. It enables the performance of personalized full-colour prints, prints containing changeable information – texts and pictures. HP Indigo print technology gives offset quality - up to 230 lpi. Due to the application of unique technology, we can apply 16 layers of paint on the overprinted material, all of them in one course. These machines are mostly used for the manufacture of adhesive labels on film and paper.  Digital print eliminates the costs of conventional flexo and offset print by the elimination of film, plate and waste paper. The machine gives the possibility of overprinting various surfaces: paper, cardboard, optimized PE, PP, PVC, polyester, polycarbonate and many others. Special liquid paint– hpElektroInk  is used for the print, giving offset quality and appearance to the printouts, irrespective of the fact if we print only one sheet or the stock of a few thousand. The first print is good. There is no material loss. 7-colour version machine enables the print of 1124 PANTONE colours. Printouts from HP Indigo ws4500 can be subject to further finishing treatment on ABG DIGICON –machines – such as: painting, laminating, thermoforming, tooling, hot stamping. For personalization we use the software being the overlay for HP Indigo Yours Truly programme, owing to which each print can be different. HP Indigo joins digital print flexibility with the quality of offset printouts. Quickly, easily and economically, with no loss of time and maintaining the highest quality.



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