Flexo print

Printing preparation- CTP (Computer to plate) 
Modern printing preparation CTP:
- high quality of polymer enabling printing quality tonal descent up to 1%
- high printing repeatability
- preparation of polymers without negatives, which supports environment
- time saving
- high control of artworks before exposing photopolymers through the use of specialized software: Esko Artwork
- artworks adjustments to the printing machines with curves corresponding to the specification of particular machine


Eight modern flexographic printing machines are a tour customers‘ disposal. We are ready to fulfill your order without delay. We are able to print up to 570mm width in UV flexo technique up to 11 colors with the possibility of lamination, cold stamping, hot stamping, rotary screen printing, printing on the reverse and adhesive side, pressing, UV or water lacquer, the continuous printing using sleeve rollers.We print the following surfaces:
- papers
- PE, PP, PVC, PET, PA and others foils
- Multi-layer laminates
- Aluminium up to 12 my
- others



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