Aluminium lids and films

In our product range you may also find flexible packaging printed up to 560mm width in up to 10 colours with the possibility of lamination and multi- layer overprint.



We offer:

Aluminium lids in two standardsizes: 75,5 und 95,5 mm,thickness: 30-40 my, sealing with PS, PVC, PP cups. The lids can be with wormy embossing (made of soft aluminium Alloy for multipurpose packaging) and linen embossing (made of special half- hard aluminium Alloy for premium products).We produce also film lids in different shapes:
- Pet lids in thickness 23-50 my in metallic, white and transparent version with thermo sealing lacquer
- walki- lid- material that imitates paper with high barrier properties. Lids made of walki material are of high printing quality, gloss, aesthetic propertiesand mechanical resistance.

Covering films with heat sealing lacquer PS, PVC, PP, printed up to 570mm width in 10 colours on white or metallic raw materials such as: PET, Walki- lid, mix-pap and aluminium



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